The Lab was established at 2004 when Dr. Zhiyong Liu got his professor position at Department of Crop Genetics and Breeding, China Agricultural University (CAU). Then it was moved to the State Key Laboratory of Plant Cell and Chromosome Engineering (PCCE), Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (IGDB), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) since 2016. Currently, the staffs and students in IGDB and CAU are worked together in the Lab to fulfill the research goals.

Liu lab is doing wheat genomics, genetics and breeding researches focused on identification, mapping and map-based cloning of important genes for disease resistance (powdery mildew, stripe rust, leaf rust, spot blotch, etc.) and agronomic traits (yield, plant architecture, etc.). We are trying to use the genes identified for developing wheat breeder friendly germplasms and wide adapted high-yielding new cultivars. We are also working on Brachypodium for host-microbe interaction research and comparative genomics analysis.

The laboratory has currently 1 principal investigator, 3 research staffs, 3 postdoctoral fellows, 4 Ph D and 2 Master students. The present leader of the laboratory is Professor Zhiyong Liu. The Lab has mentored 42 Ph D/MS students, 11 co-mentored Ph D/MS students, 2 visiting scholars, and 10 undergraduate students. 

Decoding wheat with us!