Welcome to Zhiyong Liu Lab at Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Our Lab primarily focuses on molecular mapping, cloning, functional characterization of agronomically important genes in wheat and its relatives and wheat breeding using genetic and genomic tools. Both cut-edge forward and reverse genetics are utilized during the whole process. New emerging technologies, like NGS and CRISPR, are adopted timely. We make our best effort to elucidate the association between genotypic variations and phenotypic variations applying most advanced concepts and tools. The identified genes/QTLs will be used in the wheat cultivar breeding program.

Our interests include:

1. Mining, mapping, and cloning of wheat disease resistance and yield-related genes.

2. Developing new wheat germplasm and breeding high-yielding cultivars with multiple biotic and abiotic stresses tolerance.

3. Understanding host-viral interaction mechanism of Brachypodium's resistance to BSMV.

4. Genome evolution of wheat.

Welcome talent, self-motivated, aggressive and determinative students and other candidates to join the Lab.